Evans & Tate Zamphire Sparkling Wine

Non vintage but it comprises of 4 good years of Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc (from http://www.winelistaustralia.com.au). What attracted me further is the new cap design, which you can save your half bottle or so with the tight fit cap. My wife and I cannot finish the whole bottle in a meal (especially we were dinning out, need to drive home after), so it’s a good chance to test out the cap design as well.

For this meal in a Chinese restaurant, we ordered some foods which is lighter in favour (don’t want to order anymore “sweet & sour” again that I think will spoil the sparkling and white wine). What we have chosen were crispy skin chicken (which come with the pepper salt, but the chicken is not marinated at all !) and garlic prawns. We also have an entrée – Spring Rolls. Overall the Zamphire looks pale golden yellow, a bit dry and good match with the foods we ordered. Although I cannot see much bubbles from the glass, I can feel the air in my stomach… which I may be too full !

The remaining half bottle was brought back home and put into the fridge. We tasted it again in the following day. This time we have homemade broccoli and egg dumplings… also with a slow cooked soup comprises of big pork bones, carrots, corns, peanuts, dried fish maw and some Chinese soup ingredients. When I opened up the cap the popping sound was so loud !!! It is much intense pressure than I first opened the bottle yesterday ! Initially the acidity of the wine is much higher I guess may be the temperature is too low. Then I wait for a while and assume the temperature go back to about 5DegC… taste improved a little bit but the acidity is still higher than yesterday.

We bought this wine with A$16 per bottle during the show… with this price range at Margaret River. It is a very good pricing and experience on this sparkling wine…


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