Pepperwood Estate Classic White 2007

This classic white is blended with Sauvignon Blanc Semillon and Chardonnay from the Geographic region. The Pepperwood Estate at Capel is one of the nearest vineyards just 15 mins drive away from Bunbury. However, we went there twice but still got no chance to meet with the vineyard owners. We met 2 friends of the owners who help to look after the cellar door while the owners are away. We wanted to get some branches of the grapes so that we could plant it at our backyard… hope we could get it at this pruning season this year !

Back to the wine… it’s a bit acidic even the chilling temperature I guess should be perfect. I stored it at my Vintec celler at 12degC after I bought it. And then put it into the fridge for 2 hours, then carry it to the restaurant spent 20 mins. I put it to the ice bucket right away once we sit down. Anyway, the aroma is not bad and we also saved half bottle for another meal so that we could test it out again.

We ordered Sambal squids and pork with cashew nuts. Wanted to have some seafood to pair with the white and my wife loves the sambal squids before during lunch hours as well. Surprisingly the squid was so good that it is soft and the gravy is not too heavy. The favour is light to match perfectly with the wine.

The pork is light favour too… we started to think about a Thai Chilli pork but it’s not right to have both spicy dishes… And the stir fried pork with cashew nuts is a meat dish that will not cover up the white wine. Although we didn’t quite like the smells of the bamboo in this dish, the fresh crunchy cashew nuts were putting up the nut’s favour which I liked it most !


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