Cullen Kevin John Chardonnay 2008

Visited Cullen Winery at Margaret River on last Sunday. At the first beginning I wanted to taste and buy the Cullen Diana Madeline because it is one of the potential Australia wine for investment highlighted by the Langton’s. From the website it indicated the vineyard got a catering facility as well… why not try it for lunch ? Thus I booked the lunch on Sunday and planned my trip there. On the way, I went to Pierro as well to try their 2nd best Chardonnay in Australia (First is the Leeuwin I believe). It was really amazing ! The Pierro Chardonnay is the best Chardonnay I have ever tried ! The aroma was so good that it just different from all the Chardonnay I have tasted before. And that’s why I wanted to try another Chardonnay in Margaret River.

Ah… back to Pierro a little bit. I bought 2 bottles of Pierro Chardonnay and 2 bottles of reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. However, their card reader cannot process my credit card… it always show no line !! Spent almost 10 mins… I got to go Cullen for lunch at 12:30. I told Robin I will be back in couple hours when I travel on the way back home.

Arrived Cullen… the Diana Madeline is not in the tasting list, nor the Kevin John Chardonnay. However, the nice staff gave us the Diana Madeline to try. And it’s just excellent ! The only hurdle for me to order is the price, the cellar door price is a bit higher than what I can find in Wine House !

Sat down at the restaurant… the outdoor setting is fantastic ! My wife loves the view really much… it’s just facing the vineyard.

The menu is not really attractive but the Today’s special and the vineyard lunch platter are the one we ordered. The specials were the King Fish soup and Truffle Risotto with beef. The wine menu is good and compliment to the food menu. It contains a lot of museum Cullen wines. As the Chardonnay was so good in Pierro, I ordered the Cullen Kevin John Chardonnay (A$75/bottle). As a whole it’s not bad and again the aroma and taste are really different from what I have in mind regarding Chardonnay ! The price is even higher that Pierro but I do love Pierro more. The high price of Cullen may be contributed by the low yield and small 2008 vintage production because of the weather (strong wind) hence hand-picked for the top quality grapes for this wine.

As usual, we saved half bottle for another meal. Finally we have Chinese dishes at dinner time (Again, 3 Sunday’s dinner in a row) to finish the bottle. The favour didn’t change much for several hours storage. As a whole, I am very satisfied with this first Cullen experience.


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