Jim Barry Clare Valley Lavender Hill 2008

Jim Barry Clare Vally Riesling

After we tried the K3 during the weekend, I picked another white for our dinner in the middle of the week. The reason was we saw the ever cheaper cooked crabs in the seafood shop. It’s only A$9.99 per kilo !! We picked 2  big one and it costs about 5 dollars only.

Cooked Crabs

As we just tried the K3, we can easily compared it with this Jim Barry. This white from Lavender Hill is 100% Riesling. Originally I thought it is sweet as it showed from it additional label, but it’s acidity is quite high. Nevertheless, my wife still feels that it is sweetie !! Hm… women may taste by the feeling not the palate !

Anyway, it is lighter in body and the alcohol content is relatively low (9.7%). The color of the wine is pale yellow… which may due to the low alcohol content and low sugar level. This is a definitely easy drinking Riesling.

Vegie with dried shrimps
Tomato with egg

Apart from the cooked crabs which is ready to serve, we had Tomato with egg, a traditional dish for our meal. My wife always said that my mom and sister cooked the tomato and egg very well. I love what my wife’s cooking too as we have fresher local tomato in WA. And we put less sugar onto the dish to balance the sourness of the tomato.

The Vegie with dried shrimps… the shrimp’s favour are still there ! With this relatively sweet Riesling I think it can match the seafood very well.

The cooked crabs still got some freshness from the sea, especially from its legs !!

While I am recording this now, I am just looking forward for another seafood meals with Riesling !!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jodi Blair says:

    I love this reisling, i had a few bottles of it on my wedding night in maroochydore last month, come back home to Ballarat and cant buy it anywhere unless i order it online, very disappointed


    1. Alfred says:

      Congrats to your wedding, belated anyway… cheers 🙂


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