Knappstein Clare Valley Three 2005

K3 - Gewürztraminer, Riesling and Pinot Gris

This is an interesting white wine also just bought this month, tasted last week… but busy and just blog it today.

This wine got 3 different grapes, at least the first two are my favourite for white (except I may re-visit the Chardonnay after I tried the Pierro). I love the Lychee aroma for Gewürztraminer and the sweet of Riesling. Pinot Gris is a bit new to me but let’s try this combination.

This is a 2005 vintage. When I found it in a retail cellar in Perth, I really a bit hesitate to try it when I saw 2005. However, assume it is ready to drink (at most 2010 may be the last year to drink or keep) and the price tag is about A$20 only. Go for something special !

Surprisingly the wine did not have any lychee favour. Instead it had strong lime and lemon… (the skin of lemon !) making bitter further a bit… and this is the special ! The finishing is there as well, you can feel the whole mouth refreshing, with a flowery and fruity aroma.

The wine color is deep golden yellow, which is very solid !

Mushroom Chicken
Egg dumpling or you can call it mini omelette
Vegie - Broccoli

I considered the wine is medium to full body for a white wine. The dishes we had for this meal were the Mushroom Chicken, Broccoli and Egg Dumpling. All these dishes were light favoured and nothing spicy. The wine was great as a whole but the only complaint may have is the strong lemon/lime… making it not like a white wine. Anyway, it’s a special indeed.


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  1. Hellocat says:



    1. Alfred says:

      葡萄酒的世界裡真是變化萬千的…美酒配佳餚, 當然會更上一層樓.


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