Wynns Coonawarra Estate Cabernet Shiraz Merlot 2005

2005 is the last vintage with cork closure

This is a very valuable buy… back to about a month ago. When my wife and I were visiting Perth’s David Jones, the cellar got a 30% off for 4 bottles buy. Although I found out the discounted price is still a bit up from other retailers, this is the only 2005 vintage (and the last bottle) I saw from the retails so far. At the shop, it’s the only bottle displayed out there and all others are 2006 ( or 2007? I might forgot). As of today, it should all have 2008 and the rating from James Halliday and others are much higher for this latest release.

OK. I finally tasted this wine back to 2 weeks ago (Aug 14, 2010) during the weekend as usual. When I opened the bottle, with the bottle opener… wow, how long have I missed this tool !? Since I moved to Australia for about 5 months, I believe this is my 2nd times to use the opener again. How convenient for the screwcap here !

I can feel the aroma is quite rich… with berries and fruits. Hm like a white wine !? Tasted it… very smooth and not complex. The tannin was not strong and as a whole it’s easy drinking. The wine seems very complicated with 3 grapes but after mixed, looks like the winemaker balanced the content very much. This is definitely not a powerful red wine but considered the price tag and a five-star vineyard, I am really happy and not disappointed at all. And I have to recommend to all my friends for this reasonable price red !

Red with seafood ? Yes - garlic prawns !
Home made Coq Au Vin

The food matching for this Wynns were Garlic prawns and Chicken (Coq Au Vin – cooked with the same red wine ! ). The dinner all in all was just lovely… the wines was so beautiful that perfectly matched with the garlic (wine killer !?) – which the wine itself is a very light spicy. The prawns were sweet and all three came together is a equilateral triangle (Oh… my mathematics or geometry is so poor, I can’t remember correctly the name maybe). The chicken was excellent as well as it had already favoured with the wine… the drinking of the wine just emphasis the richness of the chicken !

We cooked the Coq Au Vin with 100-150 ml of the wine only. As this is the first few times for us to cook Coq Au Vin, we wanted to increase the wine content as we go so that we can get the optimum point of the alcohol level of this dish hopefully. Also, we can save the half bottle for another meal (on Sunday night) as usual.

Same bottle of wine from yesterday...
Satay Squids
Special Beancurds (Deep fried Tofu with mushroom and meat) 琵琶豆腐

Ah… seems like we went to the same Chinese restaurant 3 weeks in a row. Anyway, we have Satay Squids and Special Beancurds (what they called it in their menu although I think it should have a better English name). Again, the matching was wonderful as well. This red can definitely go with a light spicy food like Satay (with little red pepper). The Satay with some peanuts as base and slightly sweet. The favour of the Satay is really good that’s why it is one of my favourite. The Special Beancurds itself are deep fried, thus the starch (corn starch I guess) with brown color, you can guess what’s the taste it is. The only conclusion for the dinner was we will definitely stock up our home cellar with the latest 2008 vintage. It may not be for long term cellaring but it could put your wine list ready for any ad hoc meals require a good wine !


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