Cullen Mangan Vineyard Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2009

Cullen Mangan Vineyard

We went to Capel Vale on Father’s day (Sunday) for lunch… just ad hoc… without booking. Turn out the waitress smiled to tell us sorry it’s full ! Oh no… it’s second visit but still no luck try out the food there. Anyway, wine tasting again… and didn’t buy any wine when we leave.

Ok, go back to Bunbury and looking for places for lunch on a nice Sunday afternoon (running late already nearly 2 pm). We stopped by L’amour de la femme and try some luck… as I thought this small restaurant is quite popular and always full. Yes, we saw lot of people having lunch at the alfresco area… anyway, go in and check… Good, we have a table !

We were also happy to know that the restaurant now serve a Sunday 3 course set lunch menu at  $35. What a deal ! It’s almost half compared to what they offer for regular lunch / dinner.

With this offer, I started to browse the wine menu more carefully… as I have more budget to have a better wine ! 🙂

They have 2 Cullen wines in the menu, Diana and this Semillon. The price for this Semillon for dining in is not expensive, just about $15 more compared to buy the same wine in Cullen vineyard. Yes, let’s get a bottle !

With the new waitress serving us, we found this lady is not experienced to serve wine. Anyway, just help myself… I am happy to do it !

It’s screwcap, just open it, then pour onto the glasses… and then I found out there’s something wrong in the label… there’s some mould !! It made the label with some grey dots…

Asked another waitress who just walked by… she checked and came back to tell us: it’s only the label problem, the wine is OK.

How come !? I insisted saying it’s not good to have a dirty label… OK, she agreed to change another bottle. Anyway, it is about how they cellar the wine, if the mould can grow, that means the storing environment (temperature and humidity) is having problem. All in all, their customer service is still acceptable.

Shrimps steamed with Tofu

As usual, the half bottle is kept for dinner at home. Overall, I liked the Kevin John Chardonnay more than this Semillon. Not meaning this Semillon is not good, but the acidity is relatively high. The aroma is still flowery and fruity. And the price range is just half compared to the Kevin John… what else do you want ?

Or, may be we tried the very best first, then try the second best later. Next time we should do it reversely ! 🙂


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