Evans & Tate Zamphire – Sparkling Wine 2nd Bottle

26 Sept 2010.

Chosen the Sparkling Wine again and just finished up the 2nd bottle of Evans & Tate Zamphire I bought in the Perth Good Food and Wine Show about 3 months ago.

We brought this wine to a new Chinese Restaurant in town… which we thought it is closed because every time when we passed by the restaurant we could not see it is open… but this is wrong… that’s the back door of the restaurant (but in the main road).

When I chat with my ex-colleague, he told me this restaurant is still open and he likes this most in town for Chinese food.

Overall, the food is not bad. And the price tag is the cheaper in town… although the decoration and the furnitures they used are quite neet.

Oh… back to the wine… it’s good as well. With strong lime aroma this round… and I can feel the bitter in the after taste. The structure is very solid and again, with this price range, it is excellent at all !

The waiter and waitress are Japanese… although the owners are definitely Chinese. Being first time in this place, we examined more on the menu, surroundings, waiters and even their customers.

The soup was the Tom Yam Soup… Haha, not Chinese soup but Thai ! Scallops were good.

Just the Sweet and Sour Fish was a bit Western style. Just like Fried Fish (Fish and Chips without chips) and standalone sauce !


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