Wirra Wirra Srubby Rise Shiraz CabSau Petit Verdot 2008

Opened up this wine on the Chinese National Day (1st Oct). No firework at Bunbury so just to observe the holidays with this Wirra Wirra wine.

This wine got 3 type of vines in which the Petit Verdot is the one that I am not quite sure what the taste is. However, the combination is a magic that I just feel it is balanced with heavy plum in my mouth. With this not just meat, but I would think it can pair with seafood… we had prawns as well and it was really matched.

The price tag of this wine is affordable by everyone. The reason why I am started to search for low cost good wine is – I am really not sure how good the Penfolds Grange is… or the French Lafite… whatever. Sometimes you can see an expensive wine got the same score as the bargain one… So is the $$ just spent on the big name ?



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