Penfolds Koonunga Hill Cabernet Merlot 2008

This is a valuable buy again. Buy any two Koonunga Hill series at $20, i.e. $10 per bottle.

From the Big Red Wine Book, this wine (Seventy Six version) is the best bargain Red Blend. Although I ordered this special version, I still need to wait another few days for delivery.

The structure of this wine is much better than the Rawson’s Retreat. I remembered quite a lot of people mentioned in the web or book that the entry level of Penfolds should start from Koonunga Hill, forget about the Rawson. Well, I think Rawson is also a valuable buy (lowest is $5 per bottle for 6 pack buy) but using the wine for cooking !

We started to have Chinese foods dine out at the this restaurant. Still got lot of variety to try out…



Back home… consumed the half bottle in the following day. Surprisingly the wine didn’t change much compared to other bargain wines. It is very consistent and I may try to keep it for 2 or more days later.

This wine has a heavy plum palate and a bit spicy, guess because of the oak. That’s why it is very good for Chinese foods, both meat and seafood are fit.


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