Moss Wood Chardonnay 2007

After tasting the 2008 Moss Wood Chardonnay, just wanted to buy more bottles for further drinking.

It’s pity that at Moss Wood website most of the wines are sold out except the Pinot Noir !!

The release of 2009 Chardonnay will be in Nov, but will they be the same taste ?

Searched the website there is one wine house in the east is having 8 bottles in stock, price is a bit high too. Anyway, it may not make sense to have the vineyard shipped the bottles to the east, and then I order back the bottles back to the west.

Then I just went to the bottle nearby to check, great, there’s 2007 ! Asked the staff if they have 2008. He said they didn’t have 2008 stocks before, only 2007.

Anyway, I bought 2 bottles to try…

The first bottle was tasted on the 28th Nov, a day behind the 7 months since we landed Bunbury !

We went to the Chinese restaurant and this round we met the Master Chef of the restaurant !! He is from Hong Kong but moved to New Zealand for almost 30 years. He was invited by his Malaysia’s friend to come over to Bunbury and cook for the restaurant. He has been here for 2 years but wanted to go !!

Anyway, the first greetings he had is asking us: Can you speak Chinese ? (in Cantonese) Haha… definitely ! Then we started to chat and finally he recommended the beans to us, as it is fresh. Also the scallop he suggested the cooking method to us.

Back to the wine, may be the wine is too chilled by the ice bucket, it is a bit acidic at the beginning. However, when it is “warmed” up later on, the creamy and the aroma of buttery is coming back… I concluded the 2007 and 2008 are very consistent !

In the following day I finished the remaining half bottle, this time I take out the wine from the fridge 2 hours prior.

With the Riedel Chardonnay glasses, it helps to flow the wine to the right spot of my tongue !

Again,  although this is not the best Chardonnay I like, I love it’s creamy and smooth running. It was saying Western Australia produce the best Aussie Chardonnay, I am sure believe… and think that the vineyard winemaker is working hard to produce the best wine !

Finally, forgot to mention, for the 2008 Moss Wood Chardonnay, it is recommended to cellar at least 10 years before drinking. Really want to have one more bottle to taste then !!


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