Tim Adams Clare Valley Riesling 2008

Just wanted to pick a Riesling at my cellar for a dinner as my wife likes Riesling a lot.

Remembered we have tried a champagne with 6 grapes while we are in Singapore. And the specials of this Riesling is similar… the grapes (same Riesling) were picked from 6 different vineyards in South Australia !

As a whole, the wine is green-yellow, a bit dry, slightly lime favour. And I would say it’s not the common Riesling which I normally have.

We were having Thai foods this time. Have not been to the Thai restaurant (Simply Thai) for a long time, since we quitted working at another Thai restaurant back to 3 months ago.


The pairing of this Riesling started with the deep fried mixed entrée. Even with the Tom Yum and Penang curry seafood, the acidity of the wine was just balanced out the favour, really a good match !

By the way, I like Thai curry very much too, no matter Red, Green, Yellow, Muslim,… you named it. I will finish all the gravy with the rice !


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