Knotting Hill Reef Knot Riesling 2009

Very interesting Riesling to kick start November. Busy month that I have 4 bottles of wine to backdate !

Anyway, what’s interesting. It is the pineapple and freshly fruity of this sweet Riesling from Margaret River !

I remembered when I first started to “drink” wine. I was still young (just couple years ago ! 🙂 I mean in terms of my age on wine. I don’t even know about Chardonnay is the most common white wine. And most amazing is the Gar.. wu..tri… mi…what a long word. Right, it is Gewürztraminer which commonly with Lychee favour. One of my friends even thought that the wine is blended with Lychee… and definitely not !

And now this pineapple Riesling is well kept in my memory too.

OK. For the food, we also went back to this Chinese restaurant for this dinner. Haven’t been here for quite a while after we discovered another one. Oh… but finally the two restaurants are run by the same boss !!

The crispy skin chicken is not quite marinated, that’s good to build up the favour of the wine in your mouth. This Riesling should be good for Thai food as well. Thus the chilli prawn (mild spicy seafood) was a good match again !


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