Cherubino Mount Baker Riesling 2008

When JH announced Larry Cherubino is the Vineyard of the year I went to the webpage to browse and register the email newsletter. However nothing received by email yet and just recently go check the website again, actually they have some wine club members and new release out already… seems like they need to improve the communicators with their customer.

The main reason they have been selected is focusing on single vineyard, I am wondering should we judge with the result first ? Are they really having a good wine that to impress people ?

Tried to order some wines and surprised to see some of the new release, like Cherubino Riesling was sold out already !

From other source I found this 2008 Riesling. About $30 a bottle… OK, let’s try it out.

Most of the Riesling especially sweet Riesling are good with Thai food. That’s why we went to have Thai food again this time. Having Tom Yum, Muslim curry and clay pot seafood.

This is a dry Riesling to me but going with the Thai and mild spicy food, it has no problem at all. The acidity is higher and help to digest too. And finally we finished the whole bottle…


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