Penfolds Rawson’s Retreat Chardonnay 2009

Not much people recommend the Rawson’s Retreat, a very basic range of Penfolds.

However, it is not bad to use it to cook and my wife followed a cook book to bake the lamp shanks with Chardonnay (not red !!)

The result was Chardonnay is not really good to bring up the taste of lamp. Later on we tried to use the Chinese Shao Xing wine to cook the lamp and it is much fitting the palate !!

All in all, the wine itself is not bad. Of course it can’t compare with Leeuwin or Pierro (my favour) but it is really drinkable. As a low price table wine (lowest price at A$5), it is good to stock some in the pantry (not to occupy the cellar though).


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