Con Class Verdejo 2007

This is one of the bottles from the International mix dozen ordered from Vintage Cellars. The price tag of this selection is very attractive and it comes wines of 5 others countries outside Australia. Of course with this price tag most of the wines are kind of table wines but I hope they will more or less reflect their style from their home countries !

Without disappointment the first bottle I picked to try as the number one is Con Class Verdejo. The reason is the grape variety (Verdejo) which I have never tried I believe. Also the colour of this wine is very golden and rich. For white wine most of them are pale yellow or a bit greenish sometimes. However, the wine color of this bottle is really attractive to me.

The color is good. And the aroma and palate are surprisingly good as well. From the web search I was told Verdejo is relatively dry but to me (and my wife too) it is low acidity and full body one ! We had this wine with our friends (Aussie and Thai) but match with Chinese foods. I am very delighted with this wine especially on the price tag. I know my wife likes it very much too as she asked me how many bottles do we have or if I can buy another bottle next time 🙂


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