Wynns Coonawarra Estate Cabernet Shiraz Merlot 2008

Compared to the last bottle of the 2005 Wynns (same blended), the major difference is the screwcap against the cork closure. Not sure if the vintage really matters or the closure will affect the aging much, overall this bottle is not as good as the one 2005 I had before. More plum in palate, smooth texture and very balanced acidity.

Yes, this round I tried the wine at home first and then bring the half bottle to dine out. Although the wine glass may help to bring out more aroma and designed to taste better, it didn’t really improve the overall structure of the wine.

If I compare the vintage, the 2005 can keep until 2010 but for 2008 it is 2011, i.e. 5 years vs 3 years. It may also reflect a little bit the quality of the wine in terms of vintage. Nevertheless the blended wine in this price category I think we better drink it fresh, not recommend to keep and try to age to develop further.











Surprisingly this wine match very well with the spicy food. I have another bottle of this vintage and would definitely like to try it again !


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