Greyrock Marlborough Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc 2009

Both aroma and palate will show a rich honey favour. Especially the first sip will feel very sweetie !

The color of the wine is crystal yellow… lack of the bubbles though. It is dry but with food complementing the favour of this sparkling will show up with a complexity.

We tried some seafood Tom Yum, Curry Fish and Vegies with Satay sauce. Not spicy at all except for the mild Tom Yum.

By the way, accidentally the table besides us also bring with a Sauvignon Blanc from Oysters Bay New Zealand ! They got Tom Yum Seafood as entrée for each person too… but it’s a big bowl of soup that we need to take away half !

Also, the other table got an interesting wine, it’s a make-your-own label wine. I noticed because of its Toyota logo… and it is from Mandurah Toyota. Guess it is a gift for the new Toyota car owner… Happy Driving anyway !


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