Lenton Brae Semillon Sauvignon Blanc Special Late Harvest 2010

A blend of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc made the sweetness level of this wine to the top. Flowery aroma and taste very similar to sweet Riesling.

During the visit to Lenton Brae, the owner of the winery was very talkative. When he knew we are originally from HK, he started to show us his Omega watch which bought from HK and still runs very well. Seems he loves the watch and HK a lot !

Remember this wine is in low production quantity. Forgot what the owner’s wife told us. Anyway the high sweetness may come from the last harvest… the fruits are more mature and in higher sugar content I reckon. Oh… the closure is not the conventional screw cap but in cork.

And I was wondering if I could keep the wine or how long I could age it… she told me straight away (and I think this is her honesty) this is just a wine of $10-20, when you wanted to drink a sweet white, just open and enjoy it !

I think that’s true and this is the reason I pick it today and wanted to enjoy the freshness of this special late harvest wine !



We had the Mandurah blue manna crab in season… first time to steam it. And the crab meat just tasted more juicy. Compare to oven bake, it keeps all the water content inside the shell ! The baked crab will smell better though. Anyway, the sweetness of the wine is enhancing the salty level of the crab, bringing up the favour to the next level !


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