Trevelen Farm Riesling 2009


Riesling from Great Southern. Promoted in a steak house at Fremantle. A very busy restaurant and always full. Lucky we got a corner table on an early Sunday evening without booking.

The wine color is very attractive in light golden. The lime and citrus favour are very good with the natural oysters and the scallops in crispy pastry. A bit dry Riesling though.

We had so many meat (ribs and lamb) the day before, so we decided to have seafood and vegetarian dishes. They got a big pizza oven thus we tried a supremo pizza. It mainly has veggie and bacon. When we ordered we asked for no bacon… and the waitress delighted us to say not a problem… may be put more mushroom for us. However, we got sausage instead of bacon… it is very good though. A bit spicy and dried sausage. And we thought the chef is very serious with the dish… without some meat… it may not bring up the favour of the pizza !

This is one of the good meals that we had in this month… in terms of the matching of wine and food.


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