Wirra Wirra Scrubby Rise Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon Petit Verdot 2008

What a co-incident I picked the same wine last time for the China National Day on 1st of October… only when I write this Blog and checked when was my last tasting on this wine. And this round was on the Australia Day (26th Jan 2011). At the first beginning I was thinking of picking another new world wine as I just ordered an international mix dozen. Somehow I chose Aussie wine again as this is a big day for Australia. Finally I grap the same wine on a similar festival !

My wife cooked the faked shark fin soup ( or called 碗仔翅 in Cantonese) to celebrate our first Aussie Day here ! With more meat on this dinner, ribs and beef, the plum palate of the wine is more intense. And again I can re-call the consistency of the Scrubby !… the addition of the Petit Verdot.

The other half bottle was consumed in a new Chinese Restaurant where we go for first time. It is located in Australind where is about 20 mins away from our home. It is recommended by our friends who staying in Eaton.

The restaurant looks quite nice. In fact the most exciting thing is they have a banquet menu for 2 persons… as all of the restaurants we tried so far (Chinese or Thai) they only offer for minimum 4 persons. Then just a snapshot of the menu, done, ordered the banquet. And we changed the beef to sweet and sour pork for this set.

Overall the entrée is quite well but the mains are not good enough. The wine itself is good in the sense that it can keep well… again the consistency is there.

Oh… this is the our first Aussie Day Fireworks… which we watched it just at our backyard…


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