Lamont’s Cottesloe w/ Lamont’s Sparkling 2009

This is our first visit to Lamont’s at Cottesloe, overall it is a nice place for tapas with a quite serious wine list of local and imported wines…

The open kitchen is quite close to the dining tables, good for us to watch how the chefs are preparing and cooking the foods for us.

We were assigned to a table just next to another pair of customer, while the rest of  all the tables are empty. The ladies sitting on that tables are quite surprise why we are sitting right next to them. Haha… same here as I feel they have plenty of table to pick as well. We politely requested the waitress to move us further inside. Not a problem. We are happy and they are happy !

The wine list is quite serious, compared to the wine bar we have visited like Must and Steve’s. I reckon Lamont’s did a better job to source and more importantly the price tag they put on are more reasonable.

The tapas are more attractive in general, we picked Field Mushroom (and noticed later on this dish appeared in most of other tables as well! ) and the Blue Swimmer Crab Salad.

Seems like the crab salad is prepared in advance, nevertheless as a cold salad dish, the crab meat are fresh enough and pretty matched with our sparkling wine.

The mushroom is really good as well. Overall the portion is a bit compact but taste wise they got our full marks !

The main course we had are Snapper and Confit Duck Leg. The fish and the duck are really good but the presentation is a bit simple and out of our expectation. I would realize they may not really put them as a restaurant but simply a wine store served with tapas and foods.

We only ordered 2 glasses of Lamont’s Sparkling 2009 as we had a long drive from Kalgoorlie on that day and need further 2 hours to head back home. The color is quite amber (Cabernet Sauvignon as the main grape) and obviously different from those Rose and sparkling Shiraz. The aroma is quite fruity and tasted firm.
Right next to the table on the shelve at the back… Oh ! Krug 1996 – what a great champagne and excellent vintage ! We will sure have it some days !
Overall, not disappointed. Lamont’s Cottesloe is absolutely a nice place for drinks, chatting with tapas… and spending a great evening with friends !

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