Mia Cucina w/ Vasse Felix SBS 2011

A nice Italian restaurant in the seafront, with a spectacular ocean view with yachts and sunset…

From the website and watching their photos originally I thought it is a high-class restaurant. Upon we arrived the name on the sign (Italian Cafe) and the table settings  seem likes it is a top end cafe… Anyway, they have the full restaurant menu. 

Ordered this Vasse Felix Sauvignon Blanc Semillon and totally not disappointed. Remember it was tried in Vasse Felix vineyard Margaret River and surprised with its flowery fragrance ! And this bottle of SBS can re-produce exactly the same aroma as we had before !The entrees is Scallops. The size is not as big as we just had in Esperance before, nor the same taste. The texture is also a bit difference from the best scallops we had. Although the scallops may be a bit under-cooked, with the grilled Italian sausage underneath and the mango & peach puree, the favors altogether is nice ! Presentation wise it still got some room of improvement.

One of the mains is the Calamari Sale e Pepe (Salt & Pepper Calamari Salad). The calamari is very tender. The flour coating is light and thin too. With some pepper I reckon the chef may forget to add some salts… as the overall favour is nothing salty.

The seafood spaghetti is excellent. The sauce is light and I believe it is homemade. Plenty of squids, scallops, prawns and mussels… what else do you want ?

Back to the wine again, the Vasse Felix SBS is a good match with the foods. I thought the acidity of this SBS is a bit lower but my wife got an opposite tasting with high acidity.

It’s almost full at this Saturday night (a long weekend of the Queen’s holidays). More and more people are getting in after 7pm.All in all, the foods and the wines are good match. With the supplementary surrounding views we are satisfied with the price and service we got. And we must try their Pizzas next time !
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