Bunbury Dan Murphy’s – Now Open !

Dan Murphy’s at Bunbury finally opens !

Since we noticed from the newspaper Dan Murphy’s is going to open a branch in Bunbury and hiring a shop manager, it was back to June. It mentioned the Bunbury shop will be opened in Oct. However, after a long wait… almost five months, it opens when we pass through tonight – a Thursday night on 3rd Nov 2011.

We did pass through the shop on Tuesday (1st Nov 2011) but its car park was still blocked by the fence. And we thought the delay might be due to the fire incident of the Highway Hotel renovation next door and/or the extremely wet weather of this winter/spring.
Anyway, the biggest bottleshop in Bunbury now opens !

The shop is well prepared to open today, perfectly clean and every shelve are full of bottles which are neatly displayed. And this new Bunbury shop got the most complete variety of wines compared with those we visited (Albany, Mandurah, Morley), no matter Aussie or International, red or white, even Champagne, the most attractive one for me should be the Salon, the displayed vintage is 1997, not the best 1996 though. Also the price tag is not there yet. However, a lot of sparklings (French, Cava and Aussie) are having a very good bargain because of the Season’s of Sparkling promotion.

Surprised to see its opening hours too… 9am to 9pm from Monday to Saturday and 10am to 7pm on Sunday !

[Update 23/7/2012: Please refer to the opening hours link for the latest, now Bunbury store is opening from 9am to 9pm only on Thursday and Friday. 10am-6pm on Sunday]

So far it’s quite low profile for this opening as I didn’t see any news or opening notice from any media. I reckon they will run for a while and then announce a grand opening soon !


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