Chateau Baret Grand Vin De Graves 2005

A very good buy of Chateau Baret 2005 from Dan Murphy’s Mandurah. It was bought back to 5 months ago while Dan Murphy’s Bunbury is still not yet open…

We made the pizza at home with Salami, capsicum, onion and mushroom, of course with the Bolognese classic tomato sauce.

Also we got some take away BBQ Beef Ribs from DBC. It is so attractive from the color and the BBQ color when we pass by DBC. After we visited the Coles and then return back, it got only 3 racks left in the whole tray ! It’s a really good buy ($7.5) as the raw ribs cost over $20 for a kilogram !

The ribs are really tasty… it smells and tastes like the Asian beef jerky, with some BBQ meat favour. The ribs are perfectly BBQ and the meat are still moist inside. Also, I prefer eating the dry ribs, without any sauce, so that you can really taste the charcoal or BBQ favour from the grill !

After finished the lunch, we got some seafood for the dinner which is the scallops with the yellow squash. The squash is really fresh and that’s our first time bought it in the farmer market.

The wine itself is excellent and perfectly matched with the meat as well as the seafood. The color of the wine is a bit deep ruby, fruity aroma and silky smooth. I can feel a bit “graves” in the beginning but it didn’t last long. There’s nothing taste like the tannin, especially from the Cab Sau, and the after taste is having a special touch at your mouth !

Baret is not a very famous Chateau in Pessac Leognan but that’s the region produce the best in Graves. With the excellent vintage (2005) I do expect the coming 2009 would have a very good wines from all the Bordeaux’s domain.


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