My First Six from Dan Murphy’s Bunbury

Finally a simple new store opening was done on yesterday for Dan Murphy’s Bunbury ! Since Wednesday of the week, the commercials from the radio kept announcing the new store celebration event at noon on Saturday (12 Nov 2011). Surprisingly there’s nothing in the newspapers, nor junk mail in your home mailbox, nor in their website.

Anyway, if you turned on the radio on Saturday, you could not miss the air regarding Dan Murphy’s Bunbury. They kept reporting this opening event till 2 o’clock in the afternoon. There’s live station just outside the store and of course having the Aussie sizzling sausages !

Inside the store, there’s some wine tastings happening. And we saw a friend from Howard Park. However, he might be too busy and didn’t aware we were around. We just spent 10 mins and walking around… and got to go because of another appointment afterward.

OK, I go to the store and get my first half case (6 bottles) of wine today. Because of the Dan Murphy’s “Seasons of Sparkling”, I picked 4 bottles of Sparkling wines !

Here they are (from left to right):

1. Mozart Liqueur Gold Chocolate ($26.75) – We tried this in the SWIT Epicure Training Restaurant before and my wife just loved it !

2. Deutz Marlborough Cuvee Brut ($16.90) – Never tried a Champagne house in New Zealand… good to compare it with real Champagne !

3. Chandon 2008 Brut ($38.39) – Again, Aussie’s Moet Sparkling ! Plan to have a blind tasting against my last bottle of Moet Champagne.

4. Fresita Strawberry Sparkling Wine ($13.29) – Interesting Sparkling. Never try a Strawberry wine !

5. Katlenburger Strawberry Sparkling ($9.49) – Again, Strawberry Sparkling must be fun ! Also, seldom to have German Sparkling…

6. Kadarka Hungarian 2008 ($11.40) – Just wanted to pick some international wine. What special to me in store are either Greece or Hungary. I found one Israel wine in their website just yesterday but cannot find it in store. Just check and it may be corrected in the website already. Anyway, from the label I was told this is a common red wine in Hungary. May explore something different from Hungary’s most famous dessert wine !

They are not all for cellar… stay tuned for the tasting comments soon 🙂


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