Hungarovin Szekszardi Kadarka 2008

From the wine label it said this is a very popular wine in Hungary. I haven’t tried any wines from Hungary except those dessert wine. Overall this is a good experience…

This is a medium sweet red wine. The grape is Kadarka which is not common to me. The color of the wine is light red and clear ! The first sip is definitely sweet, light body and with a minor oak after taste.

Having BBQ Pork, Prawns and Mushroom with Vegie, this wine has done a good job. Being a bit sweet nature, it is easy drinking and I reckon it can match with most of the foods well.

Surprisingly the wine is turning to more powerful after having the food, Perhaps those favour from the food can help to bring out the real taste of the wine !

Also, may be the wine is breathing now…

It only cost A$11.4 from Dan Murphy’s, it is good to have it with some friends whose are not keen on wine but would like to try !


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