Chandon Vintage Brut 2008

Australian Sparking vs French Champagne Moet & Chandon…

A very good Aussie sparkling totally filled with the style of Moet. Although this Chandon is vintage 2008 and made with Chardonnay & Pinot Noir, the structure and taste are really matched with the Moet & Chandon Champagne NV which we tried 5 bottles in the last two years. The main difference, apart from the cost, is the color. The Chandon Sparkling is more pale golden compared with the solid golden Moet Champagne. The bubbles and the pressure while pulling out the cork are nice… may be due to “Methode Traditionnelle” – follow the same traditional method of Champagne making !

Having the sparkling from lunch and save the half bottle to the dinner. Very good when paired with the seafood. The oysters are from Albany WA and they are very creamy. The blue manner crab of course is local and we got two very fresh cooked one from the seafood shop.

For dinner we have stuffed chicken wings with squids, despite the first attempt to make it, the taste, texture and balance of the squids with the chicken meat are pretty good. The Chandon bought out the sweetness of the stuffing in fact.

Although the exchange of the Aussie to Euro is high these days, the imported Champagne became more affordable. Just like the Moet, the price was about $60 per bottle (discounted) but you can get it around $50 today. However the Chandon is priced around at $30-40 depending on NV or vintage, thus roughly it is 40% lower than the Champagne. The only minor complaint to this Chandon is the cork and the muselet (all black in color) do not have any design or marking, which are not impressive at all.


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