Official Chinese Names of Bordeaux Chateaux


Bordeaux’s growths finally approved their official Chinese names last week. It indicated Asia or specially China is an important market for Bordeaux !

Most of the Chinese names are not totally new. However, some formal name is not as common as their nickname. For example, the Lynch Bages is officially 林卓貝斯 but her nickname (extremely common for Hong Kong people) is 靚次伯. Coincidentally there’s some introduction for this Chateau in today’s MingPao newspaper in Hong Kong too ! Take a look and understand more how this Chateau strives for good quality although she is still in the fifth class.

To me, I think there’s different language translations, of course including Chinese, for all these famous Bordeaux wines already, whether official or unofficial it doesn’t matter. As the Chateaux own their original name, no matter in France or internationally in English, I would focus and appreciate their originality. Some Chateaux put Chinese or specific numbers in Chinese for the vintage,… etc, it only entertains for certain market only. I hope they just remain what they are, the built-in wine quality is much important than the marketing tactics !!

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Updated 2nd March 2012:

It’s quite ironic that in less than a week, it turned out some of the Chateaux have objection regarding the Chinese translation. The news in even titled “Boycott” !

I would support not having a particular translated names to please certain regions or markets. Even I am a Chinese I don’t suggest to have an Official Chateau’s Chinese names. People will have their own “creation” and should always refer to the original name. In fact, certain Chateau likes Cos d’Estournel has opted out to have a Chinese translation.

Yes, just remain the origin as the “Official” !


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