Mojo’s Restaurant

It’s been several visits to Mojo’s Bunbury but we only try our formal dinner here the first time with recently launched BYO on Thur only…

Yes, our first visit to Mojo’s was for breakfast and it was more than two years ago. At that time we still didn’t settle in Bunbury yet. The most impressive thing was we ordered one pancake to share but at the end, they didn’t just put into two share plates for us, instead the chef made two orders for us and told us they got two portions of ingredients prepared anyway !

We came back for coffee for a few times, sit in and take away. And we also got one ex-colleague who is the fan of their iced-coffee ! Every time she came to work, she was having a cup of Mojo’s ICED coffee with her hand!

Mojo’s got a new chef from the east side for quite a long time… perhaps a year already, not really remembered. Then we tried the Wed night Japanese set menu, kind of tasting dishes… oh, that was on my birthday last year !

And there’s always some new idea coming out from Mojo’s, like Sunday lunch, collaborated with other chefs,… and the most attractive for us is the Thur’s BYO.

Indeed, there’s no western (or specifically French Bistro) restaurants in Bunbury having BYO as far as I know, except those Chinese, Thai and some cafes.

We had a celebration and didn’t want to drive out-of-town on Thur night. With this BYO launching on Thur, no second thoughts… call and book a table straight away !

We brought with our last bottle of Moet & Chandon (the sixth bottle cellared at home for about 2 years). The waiter helped to serve it straight away when I asked to have it further chilled in the ice bucket and actually we could help ourselves. Anyway, I take it as good service for them that they are really friendly and always wanted to serve the customer as much as they can.

The special entrée is the King Fish Sashimi, it is really fresh and nice !

Although we planned to order the oysters to match with the Champagne, the restaurant ran out of stock !!! What a surprise and indeed disappointment to us… and that should be our first time to experience this. Before the visit, I checked their menu online and knew that they have the Franklin Harbour Oysters from SA, where is a different location, Coffin Bay in SA (Port Lincoin), which we normally have. Nevertheless, the King Fish is really amazing which we enjoyed very much !

Another entrée we ordered is the Scollops, a bit under-cooked though. Although we understand that the seafood especially the scallops would be good to just cooked or slightly raw… however, I would still think that another 20-30 sec under the grill would make it perfect !

We only ordered one main course to share – Smoked Nicoise Salad with Salmon, as we wanted to try their dessert as well 🙂

It’s a smoked dish but the “smoke” is quite strong and ~impressive~, to the extent that I would wonder whether it is over-smoke or not. Nevertheless, the salmon is good, the salad is good and I cannot miss out to mention the soft-boiled egg, which is perfectly cooked to have a runny yolk !

The dessert – Chocolate Nogue, really yum !

It is not quite sweet that the dessert here would usually behave. And the texture of the nogue is really good.

All in all, it’s a wonderful night for us. The service in Mojo’s is always good. The food and the atmosphere… would be a perfect choice for both causal or special occasion dining… We just can’t wait to visit again with our another bottle of wine !
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