Dalyup River Estate Shiraz 2008


Two bottles of Shiraz from a winery of a remote location in the South Eastern end of Western Australia (Esperance)… Yes, that’s Dalyup River Estate, the first vineyard in the Esperance region back in 1976 !

I only bought the wines from the bottle shop in Esperance while travelling there last year. We only pass through the winery but they were closed because of the low season weekend.

Dalyup River Estate Esperance Shiraz 2008

Anyway, the first bottle to try is the Esperance Shiraz, which all the Shiraz is coming from the Esperance region. The weather there I would say is cooler than in Great Southern or Margaret River in WA.

It is quite fruity on the nose, the color is not very rich but relatively purple. On the first sip it really didn’t show up it is a Shiraz because it lacks of spiciness. From the color and the smell, it would be recognized as Pinot Noir if blind-tasted.

Having the wine with the prawns… and who says red cannot match with seafood ?

This Esperance Shiraz is just match with the prawns because of its light-bodied and fruity nature.

Oh, we got the take-away crispy skin chicken from the Marlston Chinese Restaurant last night. It made the dinner an easy one. Although the chicken is not heavily marinated, again the fruity Shiraz helped to supplement this “white meat”.

Not an excellent Shiraz if you are chasing the spiciness… nevertheless, it’s a good wine for both seafood and meat.

Dalyup River Estate Stokes Shiraz 2008

Opened up another bottle in the following night and intended to do a horizontal tasting. Same winery, same vintage but just different vineyard or location of the Shiraz to be used. This one is from the Stokes area (an estuary and national park).

In general, both bottles are relatively light-bodies. This Stokes Shiraz just showed up a bit more spiciness. The color is richer, less purple but more in ruby red.

We were having it with prawns again (but with some green chili sauce) and home-cooked chicken (light spicy) this round.

Yes, this Stokes Shiraz is more spicy because of the spicy dishes ?

Anyway, my conclusion is the Esperance Shiraz is a different style compared to the typical Aussie Shiraz I had so far. May be it is the terrain, or it may be the wine marking technique of the winery. These are all good wine tasting experience though 🙂


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