Veuve Clicquot Brut NV

Quick tasted on this VC Champagne in Hong Kong…

As Hong Kong becomes tax free on wines back to 2-3 years ago, it was a great experience to tour the wine shop during this HK trip.

Most of the Champagnes are at least 10% lower than we can see in Australia. For example, for this VC the retail price in HK is about HK$415 (~A$50), however the latest price say in Dan Murphy’s it is A$59.9.

There may be some discount in both locations too. Like in Hong Kong, some shops offer 10% off if you bought more bottles, or just over HK$500 (in ThreeSixty store), then the lowest retail price you got this yellow label Brut VC may come down to HK$374 (or about A$47).

Yes, it’s a quick taste for this occasion where we have six persons to share this bottle of bubbles. What I still got in memory was that, the color is less golden as Moet which we tasted quite a lot in the last year. The aroma and taste were quite up to standard, a typical champagne !

Also tried with Iberico Bellota Ham from the traditional black pig from South of Spain. We didn’t buy direct from Pata Negra House (which they opened up a food grocery shop in HK back to 2006 and I only knew that after I search the internet when I back home) but from the promo stall at CitySuper. The flavor is quite rich although we didn’t warm it up, simply open up the bag and served at room temperature (in an air-conditioned room in early warm wet summer in HK).

We also got some fresh raw Japanese Sashimi, Chinese BBQ roasted pork, steamed fish and some typical home cooked Chinese dishes.

A very nice dinner all in all !

PS: What a coincident… when we visited Dan Murphy’s Bunbury two days ago, the first time after we back home from Hong Kong, we just saw 2 gentlemen, come in to the store and straight away put up 6 bottles of this VC… a bit surprised !


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