d’Arenberg The High Trellis Cabernet Sauvignon 2008


Although all d’Arenberg wines are suggested to decant, this bottle of High Trellis Cabernet Sauvignon was just poured to the glass right after unscrewing…

The color of the wine is a bit purple red and dark. Very fruity aroma and hard to classify it as Cabernet Sauvignon… may be a very full bodied Merlot. After breathing a bit, some oak and very heavy plum are coming at the taste. Very unique in terms of the favour and the plum in palate.

With the mushroom and tiger prawn, this CabS did not overkill the seasoning of these dishes cooked in Asian style. May be the plum and sweetness of the wine help to make a perfect balance.

With roasted beef, the wine supplemented the saltiness and caramelization of the beef. Again, the rich body and relatively sweetness of the wine help to balance out the favour of the dishes.

Very outstanding McLaren Vale wine from South Australia !


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