Dan Murphy’s Online Order Experience


It’s not difficult to order wines in Australia. Seems like every vineyards and bottle shops got a website and online ordering system to process the customer order automatically or at least semi-automatically. The only question is whether you have the knowledge or tasting experience for that particular wine you wanted to order. Once you identified the wines you want, it’s really comfortable to order online and have your order delivered to your doorstep straight away.

Have been ordered couple cases of wines before. Some were local at WA and some were from SA. Most of them use Australia Post to delivery the wine, typically using their own carton box with wine crating.

This is my first time to order some Bordeaux Reds from Dan Murphy’s online. The motivation behind is simple:

1. Dan Murphy’s promotion on Bordeaux 2008. 10% off for a mixed case.

2. Bordeaux 2008 is not a bad vintage year. Of course it’s not as excellent as 2009/2010 or 2005/2000 in this decade. 2008 is still a good year which the price tag is not as sky-high as those excellent vintages. Also, not all 2009 vintage has been arrived and available here yet.

3. Strong ForEX on A$ to Euro. It’s not good for the stock or money markets for Europe (even to the whole world), the low Euro definitely beneficial to their export, i.e. imports to  Australia. We have a strong A$ as well thus the price level now is pretty attractive for the imported wine from France.

4. Why not I just go to the store – Dan Murphy’s Bunbury to get the wines ? And that’s the reason I tried the online order from Dan Murphy’s – as not all the wines particularly Bordeaux are available in store.

Alright. Picked some good Bordeaux 2008 from Dan Murphy’s online, mainly based on the price level and the RP’s scores. In the range of A$150 a bottle, there’s lot of choices from 2nd growth to some good fifth growth. And you can get RP’s score at 95 to 96 already… that may exceed some of the first growth’s mark but their prices is couple times higher.

Dan Murphy’s website is not a perfect ordering system but still easy to get the order done. Although once you picked your choice and you want to go back the wine list, it may go back to the primary page which you need to scroll down again for the Page 3 or 4 which causes some inconvenience.

That’s my choice finally:

  • Chateau Baron de Pichon-Longueville, Pauillac x1 (RP 95)
  • Chateau La Conseillante, Pomerol x1 (RP95)
  • Chateau Montrose, Saint Estephe x2 (RP95)
  • Chateau Pontet-Canet, Pauillac x2 (RP 96)

Once confirmed the purchase, immediately I got the confirmation screen and email as usual. What UNusual (to me only for this first time) was it told me right away that the dispatch of the wines will be in two deliveries !!

Originally I thought Dan Murphy’s would have all the stocks in a place for the online warehouse. Or they may have individual warehouse in different state or main city. Even if certain bottle is out of stock in WA, say in this case. They will get it shipped to their WA warehouse, consolidated and then shipped to the customer.

Anyway, I trusted that Dan Murphy’s should have their own reason and optimization on their supply chain to bring this type of split shipment a benefit to both Dan Murphy’s and customers so that it’s a win-win.

The confirmation also mentioned the delivery to regional WA will take 3-7 business days usually.

Thus, from the order tracking through the email, I was informed that 5 bottles dispatched in the next day from Welshpool, WA. And two days later, the parcel arrived Davenport, WA and of course delivery in the same day to Bunbury. And I received them in just 3 days happily !

Immediately open-boxed, they are packed in strong polyfoam and with a separate carton box. What I noticed is that the polyfoam package is being shipped by Australia Air Express from Treasury Wine Estates from SA to Dans Murphy’s Kelmscott in WA. The person handling seems to be the fine wine specialist Richard Moore ! And the polyfoam package is further packed with a carton box and sent to Bunbury from Welshpool through Australia Post.

OK. The second delivery – as Dan Murphy’s still own me a bottle. From the order tracking it was shipped directly from Adelaide. And just in time, 7 days later, the parcel is arrived Davenport and delivered to my doorstep first thing in the morning.

It’s my first time to receive a single bottle thus quite interesting to get this particular wine box packaging from Australia Post. The design is not really strong but should be sufficient from the top and bottom, just not sure the side walls. Nevertheless, as the package already shown it’s a wine box, the handling should be careful.

Overall it’s no major hassle to browse, order, payment, tracking and received. And this case of 6 are now finally resting in my cellar. They are not really ready to drink yet, may be at least further 3-5 years. Cellar may up to 20 years. Thus, the only thing to do is to wait for the aging… and look forward for the next excellent vintage 2009 from Bordeaux 🙂


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