Wignalls Pinot Noir 2009


A bottle of Pinot Noir from Albany Great Southern of WA – Wignalls. It was bought 16 months during the Easter’s trip to Albany last year, just tasted few days ago…

The color of this Wignalls Pinot Noir 2009 is pale red, aroma is not significant but strong in oak taste. We had a home made pizza with prawns to match with this light bodied Pinot Noir. Good match with the seafood. However, didn’t impress with the taste and can’t re-call what we had tasted while visiting their cellar door. It must be good for me to take a bottle home.

Still remember I asked the cellar door staff how long can this wine be cellared, the answer is kind of sitting on the fence. Anyway, most of the Australian wines are made for immediate drinking, my 16 months aging may be more than enough πŸ™‚

I was also told that Wignalls owner just store their wines in the shed, so some of the 10 years old Pinot Noir was spoiled and only discovered during recent tasting !!

Anyway, I saved half bottle for the second day… and this time the wine is changed totally ! On the nose is still a bit weak but on the palate it is really my Pinot Noir. Not really long after taste but you can taste the flowery, a bit berry’s sweetness as well as some earthy taste.

I cannot miss to mention the food this time. It was discovered quite accidentally. Originally I was targeting the prawn meat promotion at IGA. After we were in the store, we are surprised to see 3 rows of new freezers are installed in the seafood corner at Supa IGA Bunbury. Lots of local WA (with some are still imported though) from Shark Bay… Tiger Prawns, Jumbo King Prawns, raw broken prawn meats, BUGS (!!),… and we are happily shocked !

We tasted only coupled times the Moreton Bay Bugs at home or in the restaurant. Only just recently tasted the Shark Bay Bugs at Incontro in South Perth. And this is the first time to have local WA Shark Bay Bugs cooked at home.

Simply pan fried with a pinch of salt only, the bug meat is incredible, not really juicy but the sweetness is the best !! Can’t beat with lobsters, marrons or other prawns. Even the shell of the bug were full of “seafood” favour…

With the breathed Pinot Noir, it’s a wonderful match with this awesome BUGS… I have nothing else to say, just to enjoy… πŸ™‚


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