Ruinart Blanc de Blancs Brut NV

My first bottle of Blanc de Blancs from the oldest Champagne House – Ruinart

This bottle was bought from HK with extreme value compared to her value here in Aussie. It is about A$60 in HK and brought over duty-free while travelling. The retail price here is about A$120 and the cheaper you can get will still over $A100. Thus it is about half price. Compared to some volume production, Moet, VC,… the price difference is not that much so it would better to carry this or others like Krug (NV or Vintage) back home when you are travelling oversea, especially to HK where is tax-free on wine !

This Blanc de Blancs was opened yesterday… the Father’s Day in Oz ! Just a co-incident.

Surprisingly the taste of this Blanc de Blancs is quite rich and you can feed the length straight away ! Remember I discussed with the sales in Vintage Cellars at Hays Street awhile ago, during a Champagne tasting. I asked if he would like or recommend the Blanc de Blancs as all the Champagne presented were traditional one. He straight away told me… Hm… Blanc de Blancs, just Chardonnay, the taste is a bit blank, light and lack of depth and seemed he didn’t like it… or just because he didn’t have any Blanc de Blancs for tasting.

Anyway, this Ruinart will totally change my mindset. In terms of color, yes, it’s a bit pale and you can see through from the clear bottle. While opening the cork, the pressure is just right but the bubbles are not really strong in the glass… and the sustainability of the bubbles are not long neither.

Not very aromatic but the taste came with a full body and rich favour. A bit honey at the first sip and then the bitterness came through and remain pretty long.

The food matching was with prawn rolls in rice paper. Although my wife had prepared some sweet and sour sauce, I just ate the roll alone with the Champagne. Oh… the prawns are from Shark Bay, WA. It cames with freshness as well as the sweetness from the Ocean !

Shark Bay Prawns with Vegetables. Both were having different dimensions of sweetness, well matched with the slight honey but bitterness of the Champagne !

Oh… can’t just drink these Ruinart without the honey bugs from Shark Bay as well. That’s the best seafood we ever had in WA. This time two bugs were having eggs too. Well pairing with the Champagne again !

I saved about half bottle for the second day (today).

Actually when I plugged the bottle with the Champagne stopper last night, I found the size of this Champagne bottle (not just the shape but the opening) is a bit smaller in the opening. I tried to fit in the normal stopper (the only one I got), it fitted very tight and the locking ring seems a bit smaller too. I fixed the plug and put it to the fridge anyway. And I inspected one more time last night, nothing happened.

This early morning I didn’t detect any problem yet but later on when my wife was preparing the lunch, she was surprised with the Champagne plug popped out and some Champagne leaked out ! As the bottle is too wide I cannot put it vertically in the door holder, but horizontally in the shelf instead.

Oh no… it’s a lesson learnt that we need a right plug to save this Ruinart if you cannot finish it at one time !

And there’s two more stories to share:

1. My wife asked me what’s the meaning of Ruinart yesterday. Actually it’s just a name or surname but I told her the direct translation is Ruin Art, i.e. some spoilage of a piece of art. And what we have today is exactly a spoilage of art (a half bottle of Champagne), although the quality of the Champagne still remains.

2. I just received two book orders delivery (out of four in total) for our France – Champagne’s trip in Oct… here the chance for us to explore more different style of Champagne. And because of the opportunity – having Champagne at lunch – I check the internet right after lunch and found that it’s possible to visit Ruinart… and sent a request message immediately of course… stay tuned !Yes, that’s the Shark Bay Prawn Noodle with Chinese preserved beans – which we got from Margaret River (Blue Ginger) last week. My wife planned to have oysters to pair with this Champagne at night but seems we can’t wait… The Champagne is still good, just with lower acidity and even stronger and richer favour and taste. Guess the alcohol might go away for one or two hours. And I tried to call it Chardonnay… there’s no bubbles in the bottle but once I poured to the glasses, the bubbles come again… may be better called it Sparkling Chardonnay !

It’s a unique experience to decant (breathing) a Champagne inside the fridge though!


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