Taylors Gewurztraminer 2011 vs Dopff Au Moulin Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Sporen 2009

Having seafood with Gewurztraminer and got a chance to compare the new world against the old world again…

Tried both new world and old world’s Gewurztraminer before (Henschke Joseph Hill Gewurztraminer 2007 and Hugel Gewurztraminer 2007) and the old world won because of the Lychee favour I am looking at.

Taylors Gewurztraminer Clare Valley 2011

This time I didn’t intend to compare at the first beginning. However, I opened up the bottle of Traminer from Clare Valley South Australia, and I thought it was a bottle of Riesling !! Even though in the wine label it mentioned lychee favour… of course I couldn’t find it… instead it’s still very floral in nose and dry in the tongue… not a bad wine. Perhaps the Lychee favour of Traminer really depends the terrior or the type of Traminer (assume the winemaking process does not really matter) !?

All in all, this Traminer from Clare Valley go very well with the seafood (raw oysters, blue swimmer crabs and banana prawns)

Dopff Au Moulin Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Sporen de Riquewihr 2009

In the following day I tried to locate a bottle of Gewurztraminer from Alsace in my cellar… what I have are either Hugel or Dopff Au Moulin. I am pretty sure they both have the Lychee favour !

In fact, we just visited both cellar doors at Riquewihr a few weeks back during the wine’s trip to France 🙂 And I bought a bottle from Dopff Au Moulin and wanted to try… however, I found another bottle which I bought earlier from Dan Murphy’s, should be ready to drink (maximum 3-4 years aging from the Dopff Au Moulin website). Although this bottle (Sporen) is relatively sweeter, it’s good to pair with some dessert too. OK, let’s open this bottle and try !

Because of its degree of sweetness is high, I have the home-made seafood pizza (banana prawns) to go with it ! And later on, we have a cake as a dessert.

Surprisingly the sweetness is not really high to me… it’s less dry only. And no disappointment, the lychee favour is rich and just pumping up to your nose. Also, the after taste is quite powerful and it should be the strongest I had so far !
As each bottle is numbered so I reckon the production quantity for this vintage is small and may be quite limited. If you like Gewurztraminer, remember to after this wine and just grab it if you see one !

Also, what’s the result of this old and new world’s challenge ?

Based on my two-round’s comparison, I could only say South Australia’s Gewurztraminer is very different from Alsace’s one… and lacking of Lychee favour.

Never mind… that’s give me the reason to continue to hunt for other Aussie or new world’s Gewurztraminer with Lychee favour !! 🙂


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