Blue Swimmer Crabs – Shark Bay vs Mandurah w/ Loomwine Long Yarn Eden Valley Riesling 2012


First time to get two different cooked Swimmer Crabs (different locations in WA) in a seafood shop…
Compared to last 2-3 years, the crabs are a bit late to see in the seafood shop. Right after Christmas, we were told from one of the seafood shop in town, telling us the crabs are still 2-3 weeks to come. Not until last week we found some Shark Bay (first time) Blue Swimmer Crabs in another shop already. The price is a bit higher as usual ($22.5 per Kg, cooked) and we thought… hm… it may be the transportation distance rising up the price a bit !

Not until today, oh yes, we found another lot of swimmer crabs from Mandurah (as always). And that’s the first time to have two different crabs (well, suppose they are the same, just from different source/location, both are from Western Australia anyway). The crabs from Mandurah are selling at the normal price as usual ($17.5 per Kg, cooked).

OK, 1 each please. The shop lady confirmed with me: 1kg each or just 1 crab each…  ?? Haha… 1 crab each, let’s try the difference first. Once she picked and weighted: 1 Mandurah crab costs not over $4. Even the bigger and dearer Shark Bay crab, it costs not more than $6. Total is $9.60.

What a good opportunity to try out Mandurah vs Shark Bay Crabs !!

Overall, they are the equally great ! Freshly cooked (although I reckon the Shark Bay one was one week older in store) and taste excellent !

The obviously differences anyway are:

Mandurah: smaller, darker color (red), stiffer meat, less expensive.

Shark Bay: larger, lighter color (amber), softer meat, more expensive.

For the wine, it’s a new try from First Choice Bunbury. A very reasonable price tag to get a Riesling from the famous Eden Valley. Overall, it’s a light body, pale yellow and typical SA Riesling. Pairing very good with the crabs and prawns.




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  1. Alfred says:

    Just learnt that the volume of blue swimmer crabs from Shark Bay is just recovered this summer, after three years due to a heat wave.


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