Taittinger 2014 World Cup Champagne


Just received a promotion email from McWilliam’s Wine and learnt that Taittinger is the Official Champagne of the 2014 FIFA World Cup !

Of course the promotion is the limited edition Commemorative FIFA World Cup Bottle and the wine label features with 3D image as well.

This is an iconic Taittinger Brut Reserve NV Champagne, RRP at $89 ($60 for member). Compared to the normal bottle the RRP is almost 50% up, so whether it’s worthy or not that’s your own call 🙂

To me, quite an interesting Champagne though but just thought McWilliam should release this ads earlier so that the world cup fans could have this special bubbles while watching the games, not just having it on the final game !

Anyway, what a shame that Aussie team failed this year (0:3 to Spain). My friend in UK just joked to me, probably the Spain wines are much better than Aussie wines, haha !



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