Moss Wood Special Opening

Moss Wood Margaret River (1)

Moss Wood opens for new release tastings over the Gourmet Escape Weekend! What an exciting and special event for Moss Wood.

It was happened two weeks ago. Although we didn’t plan to join the Margaret River Gourmet Escape this year, we decided to have a day trip to Moss Wood just for this tasting !

I believe this is the first time Moss Wood organised this “open day” for wine tasting, at least for the last five years we have been moved to this neighbouring area. As Moss Wood does not have a cellar door and they usually only offer tasting by appointment.

We went there on Friday right after 10am, the signpost at the entrance is ready and show that’s the right place !

After I parked my car, I got some confusion with the direction. I have been to Moss Wood twice before and I know that their office is on the right. However, the road was blocked and the only way to go is to the left, where is a warehouse. Although another signpost is not setup yet (later on we found that sign when we leave !), that’s the only way that we could explore to find the tasting room !

Moss Wood Margaret River (2)

Moss Wood Margaret River (3)

Luckily we met the staff inside the barn and they are almost done on the setup ! Good to see Kathy again and meet up Jessica (or ??? sorry if I remember incorrectly) who just came from Bordeaux, France. And we are the first customer !Moss Wood Margaret River (4)

First thing first, wine introduction. The new release of the wine this round is plenty, including:

Moss Wood Chardonnay 2013

Moss Wood Pinot Noir 2012

Moss Wood Semillon 2014

Moss Wood Ribbon Vale Cabernet Merlot 2012

Moss Wood Ribbon Vale Merlot 2012

Moss Wood Ribbon Vale Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2014

Moss Wood Amy’s 2013

However, the most excited thing is the tasting of the old vintages !

Moss Wood Margaret River (5)

We decided to taste both white and red. And we are having the vertical tasting for each wine, i.e. new and old vintage.

That’s quite interesting and the first time we had in Margaret River for just a walk in tasting event.

The Semillon is outstanding. Much better than what I usually had from Hunter Valley !! Low in acidity. With both 2014 and 2004 the consistency are there. So I reckon it’s having a long aging power to show the complexity of the Semillon.

Moss Wood Margaret River (6)

I love Moss Wood Chardonnay and believe that’s first sight in love with the WA’s Chardonnay. I still remember I am not a lover of Chardonnay before I moved to Australia five years ago. What I had before was mainly France Chardonnay, Burgundy style. Afterwards I got the chance to taste Pierro and Moss Wood, and then their Chardonnay are just my favorite. Moss Wood‘s style is more creamy and with high complexity. Of course later on I found out WA’s Chardonnay is one of the best in Australia !

For this tasting, Chardonnay we had are 2013 vs 2009 and 2010. The vintage is not quite far and also I have tasted 2009 and 2010 before, so this is not really a vintage comparison for me. Having said that, I tried twice the year 2000 Moss Wood Chardonnay before. Although the vintage 2000 was not a good year, it still demonstrated a nutty and creamy (lighter bodied though) structure. A very enjoyable wine worth lots of aging, if you can resist !

Moss Wood Margaret River (7)

Moss Wood Margaret River (8)For the red, we had compared 2012 and 2001 Margaret River Pinot Noir. And this is just gorgeous. The wine of the day ! The 2001 Margaret River Pinot Noir really shows the power of the wine, the balanced structure and the long finish was quite memorable. I only tried couple young bottles of Moss Wood Pinot Noir before, more on the Mornington Peninsula as well. This tasting just changed my mind. Maybe I should switch back my Pinot Noir selection from Victoria and Tasmania back to Moss Wood !

For the Merlot, Cab Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, they are all great. Overall, there’s not much difference between the vintages. And I would assume the old vintage (2001) is s till young and need more time for them to further develop. And the screwcap may really preserve the wine very well. In fact one of the bottle (2001 Cab Merlot is with cork. The condition of the cork is in still pretty good.

Lastly the latest release of 2013 Amy’s is a bargain ! With this price tag to look for a Bordeaux style red, I just look no further, stock up this what’s Moss Wood commented as a classic year for Amy’s !

All in all, it is a very unique and enjoyable wine tasting in Margaret River !


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