Domaine de L’A 2009

One of the bottles from Vintage Cellars Bordeaux 2009 Indent Offer, picking up at Oct 2012. Thus it has been cellared for about three years now. I open it up at the last day of financial year of 2015…

Domaine de L'A 2009 (2)

With appellation from Castillon, right band of Bordeaux, a wine region where I seldom tasted and probably this is my first bottle. The wine is blended with 70% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Franc and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon, making it fragrant and smoother.

The winery is owned by a winemaking consultant Stephane Derenoncourt and Domaine de L’A is one of the best in Castillon area. The vineyard is biodynamically run basically. It is rated as 2 stars by Hugh Johnson’s in his Pocket Wine Book 2015.

Domaine de L'A 2009 (1)
The wine is a bit acidic at the first sip. Smooth out a bit with toast and oak after half an hour breathing. purpled in color and cherry on the mouth. Medium body.

I had some double brie, cracker and nuts to pair with it. And I still feel the acidity is relatively high to the regular Bordeaux Merlot blended wine. Nevertheless, my wife kept saying it’s not acidic…

I saved the bottle for dinner and the next day, hopefully some new findings for savory dishes.

I also poured some liquid gold from Buller, a left over Tokay from the weekend. It is much better match with the cheese !

Domaine de L'A 2009 (3) Domaine de L'A 2009 (4)

The tear drops of the wine are quite amazing. However, when I took this picture I swirled the glass again and the best tears are gone !Domaine de L'A 2009 (5)

More info on the winery and wine:


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