Beauvine 2015 Larry Cherubino Blending Laboratory

One of the exciting masterclass in Beauvine Festival 2015 was the Cherubino Blending Laboratory. Although we have been attended the Blend your own blend at Penfolds Barossa, it’s still worth to join this special event and got a chance to meet with this one of the best winemakers in Western Australia…Beauvine 2015 Larry Cherubino Blending Laboratory (1)

The Beauvine is a new event held in Beaufort Street, Highgate, Perth. We only know this street because of Must Winebar in the past, and knowing lots of character eatery along the street (we also noticed quite a few florist shops there this time !). The event is focusing on Meat, Wine, Music and Art. Part of the proceeds are going to the charity.Beauvine 2015 Larry Cherubino Blending Laboratory (2)

We had lunch there tried the pulled pork bun, ribs and some others. Quite good in favour but just not really warm when served. We then tasted the wines and some food at the stalls, experiencing some new wines. A very different atmosphere compared to the Good Food and Wines Show, which we have been attending for 4 years in a row. Also, Beauvine is quite specific on the wine and food. Those we usually had in the South West is usually more diversified and larger in scale.

Anyway, we are waiting to blend at 2:30pm ! While they are still setting up the venue, we saw Larry was setting up his computer and projector ! Winemaker and IT people, all in one ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Beauvine 2015 Larry Cherubino Blending Laboratory (3)

First thing first, the setup is simple ! Originally I thought they would have a few barrels there and just suck the wines out to blend… make it easier, three bottles of 2015 Frankland River’s Shiraz, Grenache and Mouvedere were prepared handy and just blend ! Larry is having a simple introduction on the climate of Frankland River (dry and cool, about half rainfall of Margaret River, 100mm vs 200mm). The grape’s harvest timing (Shiraz is taking longer time to change color but Grenache is quick,…). Also the blend, of course the GSM is a Rhone’s classic !

Here we are, the ingredients… the recipe is on your own !

Frankland River Shiraz: Earth, Spice, Berry Fruit soft tannins and color

Frankland River Grenache: Musk, tannins and acidity, lighter color

Frankland River Mouvedere: Steely tannins, white spices, moderate color

Beauvine 2015 Larry Cherubino Blending Laboratory (4)

We start to blend based on our own favour. Mine is Grenach dominant because I love the fruitiness and the aroma. So I have been blending G:S:M in 5:3:2, 4:3:1, 7:2:1, 6:3:1, 6:2:2… and the three judges are tasting our wines now… and Larry also said the best blend of the day by us will get a prize of a case of wines !! Oh… what a motivation !!

Beauvine 2015 Larry Cherubino Blending Laboratory (5)

Different people got different preference… one of the judges tasted our blends and just hints us Shiraz should be the base wine and providing a better structure… Oh… strategy changes required. Then finally we prepared our blend as 3:6:1, together with another team, that’s the best blend of the class !! They just love this ratio !!

Nevertheless, all the participants were having some vouchers for ordering LC wines, of course.

All in all, a very nice and interesting session. It won’t make you qualified as a winemaker, however, your palate would be certainly more sensitive to each characteristic of the individual wine and you have the understanding to blend the best wines, at least for yourself ! ๐Ÿ™‚


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