Invaluable Wine Auction

From Ryan Stills of : “On December 4th and 5th, Invaluable Wine Auction will be teaming up with Zachys Wine Auctions to auction off over 1,900 festive fine wines and spirits. Featuring the private collection of Bob Hudson, the sale includes notable bottles of Bordeaux and California Cabernet, along with a selection of Burgundy from Rouget, Clos de Tart, Groffier and others…


I always look for the wine auctions in Australia. The very first time when I explore GreysOnline which was introduced by my boss’s brother. He is keen on getting some very low cost wine but still good quality, selling at about $9 a bottle. Of course, for that price tag it may not good to go for auction from my point of view. Anyway, that’s the start of my wine auction adventure in Australia. Later on, of course the Langton’s is the one really worth spending time if you are looking for some good serious wines.

Most recently I have been contacted by Ryan Stills of and knows that some oversea’s wine auctions are happening. I have a snapshot and the most sparkle in my eye is the 15L bottle one, forgot the formal name, but it’s equivalent to 20 bottles !! I only got some magnums so far, so this is amazing to me !! Lastly some wines are for charity. Bought me the memory of the Hospices de Beaune where they do the charitable wine auction on the third Sunday of November every year. Particularly for this year they broke the record, mainly because to support the recent Paris incident.

Nevertheless, it may be good to let more people to aware of what’s going on in New York… the information as below:

“This two day auction, Zachys Early Fall Auction NYC, starts at 9:30 AM EST on December 4th and 5th. We will be auctioning off over 1,800 exceptional lots from an international collection. Collecting wine has been a labor of love for this dedicated connoisseur. He has lived in Germany and Thailand, and has bought selectively in each country. He then painstakingly air-shipped his wines to New York under temperature-controlled conditions. In New York, the wines were stored in a custom-built temperature-controlled home cellar.

Here are a few noteworthy lots from the upcoming event:

Lot 245 – Petrus 2000

Estimated Price: $36,000-$55,000

Quantity: 12, Size: 750ml

Notes: Three lightly scuffed labels, one scuffed label, two 6-pack original wood cases

Lot 334 – Chateau Mouton Rothschild 2000

Estimated Price: $24,000-$36,000

Quantity: 1, Size: 15L

Notes: This 15L bottle was bought by Mr. Hudson at the 2008 South Beach Wine and Food Festival Auction, at which Baroness de Rothschild was the donor.

Lot 112 – Chateau Haut Brion 1989

Estimated Price: $12,000-$18,000

Quantity: 12, Size: 750ml

Notes: Producer:Haut Brion. 1.5cm or better, one lightly damp-stained label, one lightly marked label

Finally, don’t forget the two charitable consignments in this sale. The first is Lot 263, a 19th-century shipwrecked bottle of Château Gruaud Larose from the “Marie Therese”, bottled with the ’00 vintage and sold to benefit les Jardins du Monde with an estimated price of $2,000 – $3,000. There is also a section of fine Burgundy consigned by Bob Dickinson, a meticulous and generous collector, sold to benefit Camillus House in Miami (Lots 1259-1309).”

Cheers everyone, happy bidding ! 🙂



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