Taylors Estate Merlot “Live Better by Degrees”

General practice for most of the people drinking wine: White Wine chilled it for couple hours in the fridge before serving. Red Wine served it straight from the room temperature. That’s seems right…

However, for it all depends on the chilling time for the white wine and the “room temperature” for the red.

The Room Temperature will be a bit tricky as we may not apple to apple comparison. My understanding for the room temperature it is coming from the European countries, like France (for the Wine Kingdom), where it is a cooler climate, compared to Australia in general (well it also depends on the North or South regions of Australia, e.g. Darwin and Hobart would be a totally different climate). Nevertheless, the room temperature in Wine Drinking usually representing the temperature well below 20degC, which is quite optimized for red wine drinking temperature at about 16degC.

Thus, in most of the region in Australia, for winter season it would be quite alright to open up a red wine straight away (assuming you are not warming the house with the wood fire too much) but in summer season, it would be definitely better to chilled a bit the red wine before serving (especially at the outdoor !)

All in All, how good is that if the wine bottle itself could tell you whether you are drinking the wine at the optimized temperature ?

Although there’s some thermometer belt or ring in the market you can fit it over the bottle, it not really convenient to carry it and fit it everytime (Oh, remember to remove the thermometer before you throw away the empty bottle !!) I think the best idea is something built-in from the bottle or the wine label that can work for you.

Just had this Taylors Estate Merlot 2014 at friend’s home and learnt that this temperature indicator in available from Taylors Estate ! How great is that !

We played around the bottle and started to look at the color of the small label, it’s pale purple so according to the color chart it is too warm. So my friend (just call her Mary here) suggests to put it in the fridge for couple minutes. OK, try it. Check it after couple minutes, same color… Hm… may be not enough time. Mary puts it back and waited for about 15 minutes this time. From my eyes the purple color is darken a bit suggested the temperature is a bit low. However, Mary and my wife both said that it is the same  color as before. Even Mary suggested to put the wine further some time in the fridge. Nevertheless, we tried the wine a bit. Mary and I both agreed that the wine seems alright already but not harm if the temperature is further down a little bit. Also, Mary started to press on the label with her thumb, fingers,… rubs it as the instruction is to use the hand to activate the sensor. Oh, with all these actions, we are holding the bottle for too long and we may warm up the bottle by our hands at the end.

As a conclusion, to live better by degrees, or simply drink better by degrees, my 2 cents here:

  1. It is a fantastic idea and convenient label to accomplish this mission for serving the wine at the optimized temperature.
  2. The instruction on “activate” the sensor could be described in more details at the label.
  3. The color indicated the optimized temperature should be easier to check against. As the same color is benchmarked just with the palate may be difficult for different people to interpret. I checked out Taylors Website, seems like for the white wine, the sensor color scheme is better, it will change from yellow to blue and green is the right temperature. Well it may be the limitation of the label materials and it shows different colors along the temperature range. However, an easier differentiation for the higher temperature range (for red wine) would be good.

Cheers for now  🙂


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