2016 Review

Better late than never…

The excuse to delay doing or finishing some task is always “busy” or just poor time management ! Also the mood and the passion on certain thing may also be changing at times.

Anyway, 2016 was really another fruitful and “busy” year. First thing first, my first ever home town visit for three times in 2016 ! A crazy travel plan and also some ad hoc… back to March 2016: A tournament tour to Taipei was scheduled – lucky to company with some baddy folks we met in Adelaide back in 2015 Master Games. It bought me a first time overseas tournament with lot of eye-openings and life-long experience. Without any progress in the games but gaining heaps of friendship and an unforgettable ceremony dinner. Also, a chance to catch up with some old colleagues and boss in Taipei, travelling to the North Coast for a seafood lunch. Just Awesome !

While stop-over in HK in this March’s trip, my childhood friends proposed a Japan’s trip in Nov 2016. It was another wonderful trip and great chance to stop over in HK before I came back home too ! Without any hesitation I called my old college teacher and see if they are interested to go visit Japan too. Bingo ! End up we had another super journey mainly to Yakushima, a Southern Island from Kaigoshima. Yakushima was beautiful in terms of the mosses and thousand years cedar wood. Just a nature of beauty !

And in between at June 2016, a pre-scheduled trip back was to attending my niece’s wedding party. A short but happy and enjoyable trip !

Birding was much expanded in our weekly schedule. We enjoyed the bird watching and continued to learn and extended our knowledge on the species of birds. A series of national events, training and workshop. Great opportunity to get engagement with other experts in different area. We travelled more North to Mandurah, Perth and further down South to Margaret River.

We had a bit transition to bushwalking, exploring wildflowers to birdwatching. Actually this is a mix of different interests and later on we found that these are individual clubs but also a naturalise club which got everything combined. Oh… we had joined the Bunbury Bushwalking Club at the beginning of the year… however, after the first walk we were unable to join all the other monthly walk of the club, what a pity ! Nevertheless, we did many walks during the birding activities. I found the walk during bird watching is more suitable for us. Usually the bushwalking will accomplish 15-20 km a day but mainly an exercise aiming to finish up an end to end target. We may stop at certain point for tea or lunch but time is limited to really explore and carefully look at the beauty of the nature. Of course the walk induced with the birding execution may be less, but it involves more eye-sight and brain’s working to sort out and identify the birds ! To me I have more loading as I usually carry my tele-lens for my camera so that I could capture some beautiful and lovely birds. Thus, even though a half day or just 2-3 hrs excursion, it always tired me after I went home. I re-called one of my school mate mentioned before, a photographer’s job is not easy as once you have your camera in your hand, you will not aware what different posture of your body are having in order to get the angle of your shot. Although it is tough, it always enjoyable especially you got some nice shots. And sometimes you don’t even know only when you downloaded the photos in the computer back home !

Oh, transition, transition, transition ! Change is the only constant… Nov 2016, a month of significant transition for me in this computer ages ! Not really, who really need a computer or desktop. In this technology ages, a mobile phone is all you need, maybe. If not, a notebook computer or just a tablet would be more welcome. Anyhow, my desktop suddenly retired, really without any notice !! And I decided to buy a Mac computer instead of  Windows computer. The main driving force for the change I think is the Windows 10. After all these “transitions” 7, 8,… finally 10, I didn’t see any exciting features except those new tile and block interface, and most of the functions will link back to the old interface of the software. And MS saying with some customer feedback, they decided to put the desktop view of the Windows back ! I really don’t understand then, what MS is thinking, designing and no need to mention, still a lot of bugs are there !!

With my experience on Apple iPhone and iPad, I finally got the Apple computer in sync with all my IT’s needs. Despite nothing is perfect, so does Apple, and the key thing is I need to learn again just the basic, like Numbers (MS Excel), Pages (MS Words). The most painful transition I haven’t mentioned is the Piscasa for the Photo Albums ! Although Piscasa was discontinued and not supported by Google anymore, it still a friendly functional icon I touch, click on the computer screen everyday. Photos in Apple is not bad but you know, to change some habits for more than 10 years, and for an old man (oh… 2016 was a significant milestones in my life in terms of age !), it’s hard but I just need to face it. I am happy with that so far !

Last but not least… my wine’s profile, that suppose to be the main objective of the review and for this blog. Again, transition is here. I believe I have left aside more good (meaning worth to age) wines in the cellars. I had more exploring on those bottle shop’s wines this year but all good wines too. I read an article before saying more than 90% of the Australian we just unscrew the bottle within a day after we got it from the bottle shop. That’s really true as I don’t see much age-potential wines in most of the bottle shop, unless the fine wine corner of Dan Murphy’s.

Alright, that’s almost about it, a great and wonderful 2016. What I missed may be some photos and the wine list… just come back to check on this… and if you can’t wait, let go see the Alfred on Vivino, it has been a good tracking app that recorded at least 90% of the wines we had since utilising it.

[Update 1] Another huge transition missing… VW Polo to Nissan Patrol, a 4WD we really need to explore the outback of Australia ! So far I am happy with this old school vehicle. Simple but Robust. We had at least two carpooling, one in a dry rocky track in Donnybrook and the second in Australind’s dry sandy track for birding. The second trail was a bit mishap but still recovered easily. It was also very ironic and funny to get this transition. Originally Land Rover Discovery 4 was in our bucket list. We visited the showroom in Perth and test drive, but nothing coming back from the sales regarding the trade in. OK, second trial to the second dealership in Perth (only two in Perth and one in Albany in WA), again test drive just as a formality. All terms and paper done and signed. Then the manager came out with the sales (a new and young bloke) and he dared to challenge the trade in pricing… end up no deal completed. And Nissan Bunbury was really a nice experience and it also changed our mindset to the car dealer.


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