Before you open up a restaurant…


We love food and cooking. We love eat out and home cook both as well. We shared some of our home cook food in social media and it used to have some friend’s feedback saying: hey, you should open up a cafe or restaurant…

Home-made dessert

And then I also used to say: it’s just for fun, it’s not easy to run a business especially a restaurant ! My neighbour always said (not just to run a restaurant): Said easier than DONE !!

Yes, that’s absolutely right. We have been moved to Bunbury for seven years now. We noticed that not just in Bunbury, many other rural and remote small towns in the South West, even in Perth, there’s a lot of cafe and restaurant changing; closing down, change of management, change of name,…  and some of them are just changed within one to two years ! However, we do see more restaurants opened up in the last few years ! That’s a good sign I reckon, more choices for all of us !

Recently just come across a new web page by Alsco and it is so detailed and exceptional in providing tips and wisdom to anyone who wanted to run a restaurant ! Have a look and enjoy…




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