About me

Thought I need to update a bit this page “About me”…

Yes, from the blog title it showed I am sharing something in my timeline at Bunbury.

I love wines since about three years ago with the believe that wine could be an investment. In the past I dealed with lot of scams regarding wine investment. Not until I read some ads from the Financial Times there’s a promotion on the wine investment and have fallen into this world of wines !

I love photography too, still practicing although it was my hobby since my college age. At that time film shooting is still the norm and only one roll of film (36 photos) per day during travel. Every shot is counted and considered carefully before pressing the shutter. Oh… nowadays digital era changes the whole world ! Nevertheless, I do not touch up the photos as my believe on photography is to capture the moment. That’s the only tool that you could record the time or the history, even just in a small rectangle. Any major post editing (especially the color enhancement) will not be allowed in my album.

I started to love eating, fine dining and cooking… although I have done all that before… I really enjoy that with the passion now… here I am… that’s not a bad start, right ?

Oct 15, 2009 Published.

Please read my Blog to learn more about me… 🙂


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