Penfolds Kalimna Wine Club

Penfolds Kalimna Wine Club (5)

A surprised parcel for the Kalimna’s member from Penfolds

It was some tokens like handy notebook in one of the past few years but not really a present for every year.

Anyway, it’s always grateful to receive and open the gifts from Penfolds. It’s elegant, personalized and packed beautifully.

Penfolds Kalimna Wine Club (1)

The little token is a Ah-So Wine Cork tool ! Also a member card which is robust and heavy. The card is made of metal, about 1-2mm thick !!

Penfolds Kalimna Wine Club (2)

The wine tool looks good. It’s a Monopol Ah-So two prong bottle opener. Not sure if it is really useful for most of the members, especially for those in Australia. Unless the members are passionate collector of old vintage or Grange, otherwise the easy screwcap is the most usual anti-clockwise motion to enjoy a bottle !

Monopol Ah So Two Prong Bottle Opener

The Ah-So opener is made in Germany so I am expecting a good and life-long lasting quality. Anyway, it’s a great looking and useful tool I believe.

Penfolds Monopol Ah So Germany

Oh… and the most important message is the new requirement to sustain the membership. The member will require a minimum spend of $800 annually.

Penfolds Kalimna Wine Club (6)

I am not really a big fans of the large winery like Penfolds. However, the Grange would certainly be one of the most collectable Aussie wines. Indeed, I have a quick check on the Penfolds website but seems like there’s not much benefits are offering to the members right now except for free shipping. Although the 2008 and 2010 Grange are quite attractive, the listed price is not the most competitive. Nevertheless, will see if I could still remains in the member list in the next year !


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  1. steve mcdonald says:

    Hi, i visited Penfolds in the beginning of July we we bought a few cases of wine became members of the kalimna wine club they said a gift package would be sent to us in a couple of weeks, it wasn’t delivered so at the beginning of August I thought i would contact the winery to ask what might of happened to the gift , they said it doesn’t come from here it comes from Melbourne so I contacted Melbourne & they said it would be about 2-4 weeks it’s now been about 2 months since the Melbourne phone call, i was just wondering if it will still be sent or not & r u able to help me in this area or do I need to contact someone else. Thank you for your time, Steve McDonald


    1. Alfred says:

      Hi Steve, thanks for your message. Sorry to hear about your Penfolds experience. I am not sure if I could help in this case but I will try to forward your message to Penfolds Kalimna wine club and see if they will come back to us. Just a community support mate 🙂 Have a good day !


    2. Alfred says:

      Hi Steve, I just received the response from Penfolds. Hope they have contacted you accordingly. Cheers !

      This is what I got:
      Hi Alfred,

      Thank you for taking the time to contact us at Penfolds.

      I shall follow up on this with our Brand Management Team, and will respond direct to Steve via his email address.

      Kind Regards,
      Penfolds Consumer Relations
      1300 651 650 (Australia) | 0800 651 650 (NZ)


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