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Beauvine 2015 Larry Cherubino Blending Laboratory

One of the exciting masterclass in Beauvine Festival 2015 was the Cherubino Blending Laboratory. Although we have been attended the Blend your own blend at Penfolds Barossa, it’s still worth to join this special event and got a chance to meet with this one of the best winemakers in Western Australia…Beauvine 2015 Larry Cherubino Blending Laboratory (1)

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Cape Lodge Restaurant Four Courses Menu

We visited Cape Lodge again for our anniversary celebration. Obviously this is the best choice when we are not away, we just love to go Margaret River and enjoy the good food and wine there…
Cape Lodge Margaret River Restaurant Behind the Trees

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Moss Wood vs Pierro Chardonnay 2009 Horizontal Tasting

Two key take-aways on these Margaret River’s Chardonnay, both cellared for 5 years now…

Moss Wood vs Pierro Chardonnay 2009 Margaret River

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Domaine de L’A 2009

One of the bottles from Vintage Cellars Bordeaux 2009 Indent Offer, picking up at Oct 2012. Thus it has been cellared for about three years now. I open it up at the last day of financial year of 2015…

Domaine de L'A 2009 (2)

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Apple Watch Open Box

Apple Watch Open Box (12)My Apple Watch was ordered on the first day online launch on April 10. The order was submitted about 15 mins after the online sales was on. The estimated arrival was 4-6 weeks and May 13 was the fastest day listed to be delivered… Continue reading “Apple Watch Open Box”

Fervor Pop Up Dinner at Windows Estate

DSC_0800 (2)

Margaret River is not just a lucky land where plenty of fresh produce, food and wines. Not to mention the beaches for surfing and any other water sports. Some unique moments could be created by human’s thought and extra efforts. Like the travelling kitchen by Fervor, we tried their pop up dinner held at Windows Estate at Margaret River in 2015 Valentine’s Day !

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2014 Review

2014 was a special and wonderful year. We have been accomplished a lot with wine inside and out. The key experience was the US trip to the West Coast. The touring of the wine regions in Napa, Sonoma, Santa Barbara and Temecula in California; Jerome in Arizona (we just can’t imagine growing grape in such a hot climate !!!); Columbia Gorge in Oregon; Walla Walla and Yakima Valley in Washington; and a quick visit to Langley in Vancouver Canada BC. The four weeks Anniversary trip was complimented with the vineyard, food and wines – how amazing ! They are also different exposure and “culture” to diversify our wine experience.

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Moss Wood Special Opening

Moss Wood Margaret River (1)

Moss Wood opens for new release tastings over the Gourmet Escape Weekend! What an exciting and special event for Moss Wood.

It was happened two weeks ago. Although we didn’t plan to join the Margaret River Gourmet Escape this year, we decided to have a day trip to Moss Wood just for this tasting ! Continue reading “Moss Wood Special Opening”

Laithwaite’s Winepeople First Order Experience

About two weeks ago, I received a leaflet from the Gourmet Traveller magazine for Laithwaite’s Winepeople wine promotion. From my impression this is not my first time to see this, probably the reason I neglected the previous leaflet was that they highlighted an ordering hotline, which I normally not prefer to order wines by phone…

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Taittinger 2014 World Cup Champagne


Just received a promotion email from McWilliam’s Wine and learnt that Taittinger is the Official Champagne of the 2014 FIFA World Cup !

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